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It's not that serious

Track Your Goals

Keep track of what you want/need to to, but with an appropriate tone. Have a little fun! Things don't have to be serious all the time, get a little silly.

to see what it's like to use!

Motivation style
We all have different ways of being motivated. Maybe you need nice gentle reminders without too much pressure. Or snarky and mean keeps you going. Or just basic and simple. Choose one of our pre-defined tones or create your own.
Goal Groups
Divide your goals into groups and set different tones for different groups. Or keep them all in one group.
Custom Deadlines
Sometimes it's important to have hard deadlines. Sometimes it's important to not have deadlines. Our pre-defined tones handle deadlines in different ways, or define your own with soft, hard, or no deadlines.
Ok so it's basically a Kanban app, but it's sillier!
Hey there! Thanks for using my little site. If you're having trouble with it or need some additional functionality, send me a message on my main website. If you really like it and want to let me know, you can send me a message too, Star me on GitHub!